RX2Live Selected to Receive “Top 50 Healthcare Companies” Award

The International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH) has selected RX2Live to receive the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies” award for their exceptional contribution to the overall advancement of healthcare.

Why you really want to consider a senior wellness program

Ready to make a difference in the lives of our aging seniors? Here’s why a senior wellness program is important for your business.

How to engage your patients while increasing revenue

By engaging your patients, you can expect a better relationship with them, more referrals and increased revenue. Here are some reminders on how to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Making sure supplements are scientific

Confusion reigns in the supplements market, perhaps by manufacturers' design. But as a medical professional, you have an opportunity through genetic blueprinting to make the right supplements recommendations.

The most common patient concerns and how you can address them

Around 3% of the population has an actual phobia of seeing the doctor. The rest just don’t like to do it. Why? Read more and see how RX2Live programs can help.

The undeniable reasons why you should have a workplace wellness program

Besides the obvious of helping employees to live their best lives, there are other undeniable benefits to incorporating a workplace wellness program.

What you can do about senior wellness and rising healthcare costs

Senior wellness is at the forefront of healthcare costs due to the sheer volume of retirees coming onto the Medicare platform every day. Here is how you can have an important role.

4 fun ideas to get your team into workplace wellness

Making workplace wellness fun is the key to its effectiveness. Here are some ideas to get started.

3 RX2Live programs that’ll generate extra income

At RX2Live, we are in the business of providing solutions. Here are some solutions you can take advantage of that have proven to increase income.

3 services that will change patients’ lives

Even thought your practice may be a well oiled machine, these RX2Live programs will help you to positively affect the lives of your patients.

An easy workplace improvement to make for your employees

A workplace wellness program can reduce costs and also help your employees feel accomplished and empowered. Does your corporate strategy include a wellness program? See why it should.

How Corporate America can change our collective health

See how the nation's vexing healthcare debates could be more proactively addressed through effective wellness programs across Corporate America.

The benefits of our diagnostic lab services

As a clinician, you know the importance of diagnostic laboratory testing. We specialize in helping practitioners help their patients get on the road to recovery quickly.

Why it makes sense to explore the senior wellness space

Too many health care professionals shy away from the senior wellness space, convinced it is neither cost effective nor designed to improve the quality of care. We think just the opposite.

Grow your practice without incurring debt

Don't feel trapped as a medical practitioner when you have so much to offer. We can conduct a free analysis of your practice that can help you bolster revenue streams.

On the fence? Consider these reasons to have your own franchise

Consider our reasons for joining the RX2Live business. The benefits are endless.

The challenge and opportunity of Chronic Care Management

Too many doctors fear costs and management of chronic care management is untenable but learn about our pioneering solution.

Challenging to lose weight during the fall

Fall is a time for snuggling by the fire, wearing baggy sweaters and enjoying holiday treats. All of that is hardly conducive to losing weight. But by keeping in mind some tried and true dieting principles, you can overcome the seasonal temptations and look great year round.

The benefits of implementing a Senior Wellness program at your practice

The RX2Live Senior Wellness program can help you grow your practice and help the community at-large.

A smart way to supplement patient care

You're in good company if you're a doctor of chiropractic already incorporating nutrition into your practice. Allow us to introduce you to our offerings...

Helping seniors navigate healthcare

The future of healthcare for seniors poses a challenge with the surge of Baby Boomer retirements but at RX2Live we have a Senior Wellness solution.

Individualize your health plan

Ready to get serious about a health plan? Forget the fad diets and fitness fixes and consider starting by looking inward through genetic blueprinting.

Don’t let revenue slip away

Want to add significant revenue as a medical practitioner without adding staff? Our Chronic Care Management program could be the solution.