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Why you really want to consider a senior wellness program

Ready to make a difference in the lives of our aging seniors? Here’s why a senior wellness program is important for your business.

Senior wellness deserves its own highlight. With the number of retirees on the rise, you can expect more seniors to come into your practice in the next handful of years, and there are no better places equipped to handle this influx than physician offices, assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

As individuals age, there can be confusion about what to do – and what not do – when it comes to health. Misinformation could lead to missing routine doctor visits, check-ups, and any preventive tests or exams.

With a more firm grip on their health, it could be argued that their best years are yet to come. Here’s why you should consider a senior wellness program and work to make sure our aging population experiences better healthcare.

1. It’s a growing market.
Purely from a business standpoint, it’s a market that’ll increase revenue for your business. There are 10,000 seniors who retire every day. Individuals aged 65-84 will increase by 38.8% in 2020 and the over-85 crowd will increase by 18.7% in that same timeframe. These are numbers that indicate just how large this market is.

2. New CPT codes mean you get reimbursed.
RX2Live has uncovered new CPT codes that senior centers can use to receive reimbursement from Medicare for services rendered. These codes will only work if a center has a senior wellness program like RX2Live offers.

3. There are a number of services covered by Medicare.
Medicare covers telemedicine, annual wellness visits, chronic care management, supplements, PGX testing, GI and RPP tests and so much more. Chances are that you’re already offering plenty of services that qualify for reimbursement. RX2Live can assist with providing many of these services so you don’t have to think twice about how to incorporate them into your business.

4. You’ll contribute to health.
At the end of the day, what’s more important than healthy people? You have a special ability to contribute to the health and wellness of so many people, and that’s something to feel good about.

If you want to make the difference in the lives of seniors, while also making a profit for your business, contact RX2Live today to see how we can help.