Everything your body needs, from diet to supplements

The foods you eat each day should provide you with most of the nutrients your body needs to maintain good health. But sometimes, even though we try to eat healthy meals and snacks, our diets alone aren’t enough.

Understanding what keeps seniors from going to the doctor

We're finding that, for seniors, the idea of going to the doctor with any semblance of regularity can be anxiety-provoking. Typically, they have their routines and stepping outside of that established timeline is not high on their list of things...

What the RX2Live weight loss system will do for your patients

According to multiple studies, close to (if not over), 50% of American adults want to lose weight. Sometimes coming to that realization is a tough pill to swallow because old habits die hard. It's also hard to face the reality that you aren't as...

The many benefits of corporate wellness programs

Wellness programs, studies show, are proven vehicles to produce healthier employees who are less likely to file medical or disability claims, saving an employer money. More that that, they often boost productivity and reduce stress which leads to less sick leave and turnover.

Tools to take control of your health, at any age

Obesity and other health challenges often associated with older generations are gripping Millennials at an alarming rate. We have solutions!

The best ways to show your patients that you care

Your patients deserve the best. Here are ways you can make sure those in your care know that you are passionate about helping them.

Workplace wellness that works

Our approach to Workplace Wellness focuses less on lifestyle programs than in stabilizing the chronically ill and preventing at-risk employees from becoming ill.

We can help your medical practice stand out

We offer a variety of programs that can help medical practices stand out, including a senior wellness program, corporate wellness programs, and even DNA testing services that will assist patients in achieving their weight loss goals through the help of macronutrients and nutritional supplements.

Helping patients to realize their new year’s resolutions

The new year brings a lot of frustration when resolutions aren't met. Here is how you can help your patient population succeed.

A real solution for seniors

As seniors retire at a clip of 10,000 per day, more will turn to senior care centers. We have an innovative senior wellness program that can improve their care, extend their time, and generate additional revenue for the center.

Steps to forming a workplace wellness program that actually works

Workplace wellness programs are on the rise because employees want to feel that sense of community within their place of business. Here's how to implement one that'll stick.

Heart-healthy foods can help keep your brain sharp, too

A careful diet with the right blend of healthy foods can be a powerful tool in reducing dementia risk. Read more in our latest blog:

What partnering with RX2Live can bring to your business

Do you want nothing more than to make really positive impacts on the people around you? We're here to tell you that you don't need much more time or resources to make it happen. Here's what partnering with us can do for you.

Nutrients you need, and how to get them

What's your favorite veggie dish ever? (And it can't include a hamburger patty.) LOL! Today, we're going to touch on the nutrients you need, and how to get them.

Practicing the power of positivity in your business

Who knew the impact of positivity on our everyday lives? This post explains why it's important for you to implement.

3 ways to ease patient stress

Easing patient stress is a necessary part of the job. He's are some ways you can do it.

How to best welcome patients to your practice

Best practices to implement to make patients feel welcome to your practice? We have you covered with these tips.

Why a corporate wellness program makes good financial sense for your business

What wellness programs have been successful for your business? What impact did those programs have on your employees? Share a few thoughts with us in the comments. We'd love to hear what your business is doing. Personally, we've found that corporate wellness programs can have huge cultural and financial benefits on a business. We included a few of those benefits in our blog today.

What it means to be one of the top 50 companies in healthcare

We don't take this distinction lightly. We know that being named one of the top 50 companies in healthcare is a big deal. What does it actually mean? This post will tell you.

How the perfect skin can be yours

There's no major secret to perfectly radiant and youthful skin, except the one we have in our back pocket. That plus other skin care tips in this blog.

Summer commandments that apply to your RX2Live franchise

What is it about the summertime that changes our personality for the better? These summertime commandments can easily translate into how you manage your business.

Ditch the one size fits all approach and do this instead

Personalized healthcare will save you and your patient time, money, and frustration. Here's what you should know about our genetic blueprinting model.

The easy ways RX2Live can help you make more money

No need to change your routine. With RX2Live services and programs, you can expect more money for your practice while providing the utmost in patient care.

The 4 ways RX2Live programs can ease physician stress

Physicians are stressed out. RX2Live can ease that burden and we will show you how.

What you’ll love about having a workplace wellness program

Check out why a workplace wellness program is perfect for your company. The benefits are varied and you’ll be thrilled with them all.