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What partnering with RX2Live can bring to your business

Do you want nothing more than to make really positive impacts on the people around you? We're here to tell you that you don't need much more time or resources to make it happen. Here's what partnering with us can do for you.

RX2Live was formed with the goal in mind to affect millions of lives. We are well on our way and there is a reason for that. With a passion for our industry, and the health and wellness sector at large, we have developed programs, services, and products that can and will make a difference.

All too often, it may seem like you’re on the hamster wheel, going around and around yet staying on the plateau of your business. Whether you’re a practitioner with a medical practice, the HR Director of a corporation, or the CEO of a senior living facility, we can all relate. RX2Live programs and services are designed to help you offer more to your patient and customer base while increasing revenue and without having to spend much more of the time, resources, and money you may not have to execute it.

We are in this together, with the same goal of increasing the bottom dollar while improving the lives of those around us and in our care. Here’s how it’s done.

For the medical professional

We say it all of the time: you started in this field for a reason, and we’re confident that the reason is one that’s rooted in making a difference. In helping patients to feel their best. In alleviating concerns. In treating illnesses and worrisome symptoms. In making sure that we keep people healthy and happy. We want all of these things too. This is exactly why a number of our services are ones that are geared toward practitioners. We offer services such as diagnostic labs, thermal imaging, behavioral health screenings, chronic care management, and more. These offerings allow you to continue to perform your passion, but with the increased benefit of better treatment options, faster results, and less invasive screenings.

For the HR executive

Workplace wellness continues to be a hot topic. Employees want to know that their organization cares about their wellbeing. In fact, having a program of this nature is what job seekers are looking for when deciding on a company to apply to. By offering a workplace wellness program, you are upping the ante on your competition and making sure that you are under serious consideration by the professionals who may be looking for a career move. But, more importantly, you are sending the message to current employees that they aren’t just a number. That their wellness is your priority. That you want to provide a program that will really benefit them long-term. Our workplace wellness programs are customized to your businesses’ culture, goals, budget, and employee base. Don’t wait any longer to make wellness a part of your corporate strategy.

For the senior living expert

Due to the baby boomer generation reaching their retirement years, senior wellness programs have never been in higher demand. We know it can be hard to keep up and you may always have how you can improve in the back of your mind. Our comprehensive program of services and products are clued into all dimensions of wellness of the senior patient so they can live fulfilled lives during these later years. Our programs are fun, affordable and valuable to everyone involved — the senior patient, their family, and the care facility. Plus, we have uncovered new CPT codes that you can use to receive reimbursement from Medicare, as long as you have a senior wellness program in place like those we offer.

Are you ready to get started? Do you want nothing more than to make really positive impacts on the people around you? You can continue to make a difference. Contact us to get started!