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What you’ll love about having a workplace wellness program

Check out why a workplace wellness program is perfect for your company. The benefits are varied and you’ll be thrilled with them all.

More than 150 million Americans are going to work every day. We spend a good portion of our waking hours in the office — working on a project, discussing programs and procedures, and forming relationships with our colleagues. It follows that incorporating a workplace wellness program is possibly one of the greatest things you can do for your staff.

There is a lot that happens when a company aligns its mission with the health and wellness of its employees. Many companies have adopted a yearly incentive for employees in the form of discounted health insurance for completing an annual physical. After all, we all know what a difference preventive measures make. But, instead of once a year, what if wellness was a part of the everyday?

Here is what you can expect after incorporating a program at your company.

Competitive advantage
Want to attract top talent? More and more candidates aren’t just looking at the responsibilities and qualifications lists when determining whether or not to apply for a job; they are looking at everything a company offers. Wellness is finally getting the attention it deserves and you’ll be doing your company a favor by making sure candidates know there is a workplace wellness program they can benefit from.

Quality and productivity improvement
There are a couple of things that happen with a program of this nature. First, morale is boosted, leading to greater communication among staff. You can expect an increase in the quality of work output, especially on team projects. Second, employees are happier because they are healthier. These two things go hand-in-hand and result in work quality and productivity that has previously been unmatched. As a bonus, employees who feel supported in their wellness journey by employers and co-workers typically remain loyal to their company for longer.

Reduction in liabilities
It may go without saying, but by having a healthier workforce you can expect a decrease in liabilities and a resulting increase in cash flow, even considering any fiscal investment made by incorporating a wellness program.

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