Elder Care

Increase the net income of your elder care facility and community without adding any new staff, and little to no up front money. Schedule a growth call to get a personalized assessment of which programs can support better senior outcomes and a better bottom line for your business.

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programs with real outcomes
Comprehensive solutions covered by Medicare designed to improve senior lives and increase your income

We have uncovered new CPT codes that the senior centers and facilities can use to receive reimbursement from Medicare. Using various programs such as Chronic Care Management, Behavior Health Screenings, Lab Services, Telemedicine, and other senior services, we help elder care centers improve the lives of their population. Using our comprehensive solutions also dramatically increases revenue for those centers that implement one or more of our services.

Seniors Retiring Every Day
Increase your MIPS & MACRA quality score for higher reimbursements
Bring an additional $400 to $900 per month per resident
we help fill the gaps

We help elder care managers stay current on and attentive to trends, be prepared to quickly expand current programs, and collaborate with other providers within their communities. Our services allow the elder care leaders to be ready to serve an even greater number of people by providing seamless care that is accessible, effective, efficient, and affordable. When assisted living and skilled nursing facilities outsource some of their services to RX2Live, we drive new income, allow for additional services to be provided, and improve the quality of care. We help fill the gaps that they face each day.

increased revenue

We accomplish this through an innovative compilation of products and services, all related to providing better health and wellness.

Increase resident stays

Our services and programs help seniors stay healthier leading to less hospitalizations and longer facility length of stays.

rapid launch

Fast deployment of programs with minimal interruption to facility workflow.

no Risk

No long term contracts.

happier residents

Engaged seniors lead richer, more satisfying lives. We've put together a comprehensive program of services and products designed to stimulate all dimensions of wellness for the senior resident or patient.

Marketing enhancements

You'll be able to tell a story to residents and their family members about your ability to provide better care for their loved ones making you more competitive as compared to other facilities.

Higher quality score

As you provide better quality support you will increase your MIPS & MACRA scores to get hire reimbursements for the services we provide for you in addition to the services you already provide.

Our focus is on helping seniors in the following areas:
brain health
balance and posture
Fall prevention
muscle and loss of strength
life history documentation
better heart health
behavior health initiatives
diagnostic lab services
How Can Our Programs Support You?

Get a personalized assessment and consultation of which programs can support better elder care and a better bottom line for your business.

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healthcare professional services
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Chronic Care Management

Provides a personal touch for your patients, and brings your practice recurring monthly revenue.

Increased Revenue
Improve Quality Measures
Better Patient Outcomes
Behavior Health Screenings

A true turnkey system that is automated, customized and provides critical information about a patient’s overall health.

Increased Revenue
Improved Quality Measures
Immediate Results
Weight Loss

The ultimate, affordable system for rapid, natural and safe weight loss.

Reach Your Optimal Weight
Lose Weight Quickly and Safely
A Specific Menu of Essential, Easy-to-Obtain Foods That Balance Your Hormones so You Can Quickly Burn Fat
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I am bringing in an extra $8,600 per month. Thank you for bringing this program to our practice.

Dr. Scott Jensen


I would encourage any practitioner to really take a close look at RX2Live. The benefits, the value, the potential are fantastic.

Dr. Whit Roberts


This is such a key partnership for us since we have the doctors, and RX2Live has the services that our doctors need.

Collin Roth

Ceo, Top doctor