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RE-IMAGINING wellness solutions
Value based products and services that positively impact lives.

RX2Live is a healthcare and wellness services company that provides medical practices, elder care facilities, and corporations with value based products and services that positively impact patients, residents, and employees well being while significantly increasing revenue.

All of our products & services
Chronic Care Management

Provides a personal touch for your patients, and brings your practice recurring monthly revenue.

Increased Revenue
Improve Quality Measures
Better Patient Outcomes
Lab Services

Obtain results in 24 hours. You will receive more information and a faster way to properly diagnose and treat your patients.

24 Hour Test Results
Higher Accuracy
Easy On Staff
Behavior Health Screenings

A true turnkey system that is automated, customized and provides critical information about a patient’s overall health.

Increased Revenue
Improved Quality Measures
Immediate Results
Practice Analysis

Implement Strategies That Drive New Revenue To Your Practice

New Revenue
Easy Implementation
Learn About Available Income Sources
Covid 19 Testing & PPE Supplies

Covid 19 lab testing, PPE supplies, kits, and equipment to help fight the spread of Covid 19.

24 Hour Results
Accurate Results
Keep healthcare professionals safe

Long term relief for patients suffering from chronic migraine and facial pain.

Patient relief for migraine and facial pain
High Success Rates
Good revenue source for physicians
LightMD Photobiomodulation

The beneficial stimulation of living cells, tissue, and organs with photons (non-ionizing radiation) to manage pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate healing & promote healthy metabolism.

Help patients fight inflammation and improve circulation
Increase practice revenue
FDA Approved medical device
DNA Genetic Blueprinting

The DNA Test that will help your body return to optimal weight and increase your energy, health, and wellness.

Return to Optimal Weight
Improve Your Health and Wellness With a specific Targeted approach
99.9% Accuracy
Weight Loss

The ultimate, affordable system for rapid, natural and safe weight loss.

Reach Your Optimal Weight
Lose Weight Quickly and Safely
A Specific Menu of Essential, Easy-to-Obtain Foods That Balance Your Hormones so You Can Quickly Burn Fat