LightMD Photobiomodulation

The beneficial stimulation of living cells, tissue, and organs with photons (non-ionizing radiation) to manage pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate healing & promote healthy metabolism

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Doctors are stunned by results.

Help patients power their cells with LightMD's premier Photobiomodulation system. This video shows a dramatic increase in energy of the cells and a decrease in erythrocyte aggravation. Doctor Thomas Brewer, PhD is impressed with the cellular results after only twenty minutes of LightMD's Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT). Help your patients' body and blood achieve homeostasis and a balanced pH with LightMD. Reduce inflammation, increase circulation, increase DNA and RNA regeneration, protein synthesis, and speed up the repair process for ALL tissues.

real benefits to you and your patients
Patient Benefits

The medical-grade photobiomodulation therapy device is non-invasive, safe, and FDA approved for relieving pain and increasing circulation.

improve circulation & Tissue oxygenation
fight inflammation
combat muscle spasms, cramps, aches, and soreness
recover from sprains, strains, and hyperextensions
relax & reduce stress
improve indurance
reduce/manage pain including neck, back, joint, and chronic
relieve arthritic stiffness
Increase flexibility & range of motion
accelerate recovery from fatigue or injury
accelerate recovery from mtbi (concussion)
generates atp, increase cellular metabolism
LightMD Pro PBT System Product & Accessories

Every LightMD system includes the following:

ABLM1002 Light Machine
2 sets of three light pads with connectors
LightOS user interface
Light operation manual
Light treatment guide
FDA Approved for medical therapeutics
Support & Training
LightMD Medical Advisory Board guidance & care
The medical professional's choice

With nearly two decades of experience pioneering LED Photobiomodulation therapy, LightMD in uniquely qualified to serve health professionals across diverse markets including:

medical doctors & general practitioners
medical specialists
acute recovery centers
plastic surgeons
team doctors
physical therapists
regenerative medicine (stem cell)
stroke recovery & brain health centers
hospitals & clinics
skilled nursing & managed care facilities
sports teams
professional athletes
spas & gyms
acupuncturists & eastern medicine doctors
medical spas & wellness centers
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