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Increase your net income without adding any new patients or staff and with little to no up front cost. Schedule a practice growth call to get a personalized assessment of which programs can support better patient outcomes and a better bottom line for your practice.

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Comprehensive solutions to improve patient outcomes and increase your income

Physicians have seen a 40% reduction in profits over the past five years, and they are forced to see more patients. Providers are having a hard time delivering on-time quality service and all of this leads to burnout with many doctors. Physicians are looking for ancillary services and products to drive more revenue to their practices.

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Through our proven programs and products we can provide you with real outcomes.

Enhanced patient care

Enhanced patient care through Chronic Care Management, patient screenings, lab services, and others.

real income

Significant passive income to your practice with very low or no up-front costs.

rapid launch

Fast deployment of programs (weeks not months) with minimal interruption of office staff.

no risk

No long-term contracts. You can cancel our partnership for any reason or no reason at all.

The Physicians Game Plan
MBA for Doctors
What if physicians could be as good in business as they are in medicine? We've partnered with MBA for Doctors to help you, as a physician, to learn the key strategies to accelerate your success as a doctor owner.
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Chronic Care Management

Provides a personal touch for your patients, and brings your practice recurring monthly revenue.

Increased Revenue
Improve Quality Measures
Better Patient Outcomes
Behavior Health Screenings

A true turnkey system that is automated, customized and provides critical information about a patient’s overall health.

Increased Revenue
Improved Quality Measures
Immediate Results
Practice Analysis

Implement Strategies That Drive New Revenue To Your Practice

New Revenue
Easy Implementation
Learn About Available Income Sources
DNA Genetic Blueprinting

The DNA Test that will help your body return to optimal weight and increase your energy, health, and wellness.

Return to Optimal Weight
Improve Your Health and Wellness With a specific Targeted approach
99.9% Accuracy
Weight Loss

The ultimate, affordable system for rapid, natural and safe weight loss.

Reach Your Optimal Weight
Lose Weight Quickly and Safely
A Specific Menu of Essential, Easy-to-Obtain Foods That Balance Your Hormones so You Can Quickly Burn Fat
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I am bringing in an extra $8,600 per month. Thank you for bringing this program to our practice.

Dr. Scott Jensen


I would encourage any practitioner to really take a close look at RX2Live. The benefits, the value, the potential are fantastic.

Dr. Whit Roberts


This is such a key partnership for us since we have the doctors, and RX2Live has the services that our doctors need.

Collin Roth

Ceo, Top doctor
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Get a personalized assessment of which programs can support better patient outcomes and a better bottom line for your practice.

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