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The 4 ways RX2Live programs can ease physician stress

Physicians are stressed out. RX2Live can ease that burden and we will show you how.

Look at any study and it all says the same: Physicians are stressed out. And it’s no wonder when you consider everything that you’re responsible for. Up to 80% of all doctors admit to feeling a high amount of stress in their jobs.

It’s a combination of things such as:

  • Having a patient’s health in your hands;
  • Managing a practice;
  • Frequently being the main household income earner; and
  • Keeping up with the latest news and studies to come out of the medical community.

As doctors, you know what stress does to the body so let’s help you feel better by tackling each of these.

Stress #1: Having a patient’s health in your hands.

Of course, you will always have some part of their health in your hands given what you do for a living, but remember that the majority of a patient’s health comes from the steps they are willing to take to improve themselves. Their health is largely dependent on how serious they take it. With that being said, it’s easier than ever to manage one’s health with new technologies that provide insight into what may be ailing the body so treatment plans that are effective and efficient can be devised.

We offer thermal imaging and many diagnostic lab services (including toxicology, blood wellness and Pharmacogenetics panels) to help you do just that.

Stress #2: Managing a practice.

There may be a hesitation to add any programs or services because your office staff is already at capacity, but these tools are not designed to need extra hands to run. You will not need to add more employees to manage them. As your partner, we’ll take care of this part.

Stress #3: Being the main income earner.

We understand that taking on that responsibility is both a burden and a privilege. You want to provide for those you love, yet there is a lot riding on your ability to do so. With RX2Live programs, expect increased revenue to your practice! Plus, add these programs with little to no upfront investment.

Stress #4: Keeping up with the latest.

While we can’t help you with all of this, know that we identify sources of income and improvement to your practice that you may not be aware of. An example is the new code used by Medicare for reimbursement if you care for chronic patients. And, we’ll set it all up for you.

At RX2Live, we provide superior health care programs that positively affect millions of lives, but it’s not just for the patients — we can positively affect yours, too.