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Ditch the one size fits all approach and do this instead

Personalized healthcare will save you and your patient time, money, and frustration. Here's what you should know about our genetic blueprinting model.

Everybody is different. This is a blanket statement that we all know to be true as practitioners in the medical field, yet it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. It’s something we should emphasize.

To no fault of one’s one, we sometimes tend to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.

We all know that we can do better. We owe that to the patients who look to us for treatment and depend on us for a plan to ease any conditions or ailments affecting their lifestyles.

Enter: Genetic Blueprinting with RX2Live.

In the nature versus nurture debate, both sides have solid arguments and, either way, genetics cannot be denied. Our genetic blueprinting service will seal the deal on the health and wellness of your patients, and help them lead their best lives.

The complex organism of the body makes it so that no one diet program or supplement line-up or exercise routine will work the same for every single individual. That’s why there are variations of everything out there on the market.

A person has to find what works for them, but without the help of genetic blueprinting, this can be a task steeped in futility. How many of your patients have talked about how discouraged they feel when it comes to weight loss? Or how they tried a new supplement and are still just as tired as ever? With our genetic program, you can now offer your patients a roadmap for their total body wellness.

The process is simple: swab your patient’s cheek, send it to our lab, then receive the results for their DNA makeup, and prescribed supplement program. Plus, understand better how their body processes are functioning so you can also prescribe weight loss and exercise programs that will work for them. We can help you with this, too!

Our supplements use only the highest quality ingredients, our weight loss programs take hormones into account and a prescribed diet of precisely what the body needs will help your patients start feeling their best. Wouldn’t it be something to live in optimal health and peak fitness?