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How the perfect skin can be yours

There's no major secret to perfectly radiant and youthful skin, except the one we have in our back pocket. That plus other skin care tips in this blog.

No matter the season, your skin will go through its ups and downs. In the cooler months, you may experience dryness. In the hotter times of the year, you’ll need to deal with a higher UV index, which can make your skin irritated and red. In the never-ending quest for perfect skin, here’s what you can do to put your best face forward.

Tip #1: Drink more water.

It’s a fact that water consumption helps to flush out toxins. The same toxins that can lead to unbalanced and unhealthy skin. Aim for 8-12 glasses per day and, combined with the other tips on our list, your skin will be radiant in no time.

Tip #2: Get proper sleep.

When you sleep, your body goes through a repairing process and this happens in your skin, too. Without proper sleep, between 7 and 9 hours per night, your skin cells could go haywire.

Tip #3: Sanitize your phone.

It may seem silly, but regularly sanitizing your phone means that the random germs your device picks up stay far away from your face. Some studies, like one that comes out of the University of Arizona, show that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

Tip #4: Incorporate a well-balanced diet.

Filling your plate with lots of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats like those found in nuts and avocados, can also help keep your skin glowing. Look for food with vitamin C, which helps to fight the free radicals that can make your skin look unhealthy or dull. Many fruits carry a high amount of antioxidants that can also make a difference.

Tip #5: Turn to plants and minerals.

Our skin care therapies are formulated from enriched minerals and plants that naturally occur around the world. Specifically, we use plants that grow near the Dead Sea and possess anti-inflammatory properties that help with acne, anti-aging, scars, and eczema, among other concerns.

Follow these tips and contact us soon to get one step closer to the skin you’ve always desired.