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Summer commandments that apply to your RX2Live franchise

What is it about the summertime that changes our personality for the better? These summertime commandments can easily translate into how you manage your business.

Bet you didn’t realize that there was a correlation between summertime and the success of your RX2Live franchise. What is it about this time of the year that makes it different than the other three seasons? It could be because of the weather or the kids being out of school and vacations are on the rise.

The summer season provides a time to relax and recharge, but it turns out, it can also provide you with some guidance on managing your own business.

Follow these summertime commandments and notice the difference in the success of your franchise.

Commandment #1: Thou shall have fun.
Do you know how appealing someone is who is having a good time? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the life of the party, but it means that it’s clear that you are happy and love what you do. Exuding positivity makes a significant difference in your franchise.

Commandment #2: Thou shall be gregarious and welcoming.
As you grow your business, networking becomes part of that. You’ll have meetings where the outcome will make a difference in your business’s next steps. When speaking to anyone regarding your business and how you can help them, speak with a warm tone that makes whomever you’re talking to feel welcomed to the conversation. This really will go a long way.

Commandment #3: Be generous.
Just like when you host a summertime cookout in your backyard and provide food and drinks for your guests, so should you be generous in all business dealings. This includes being generous with your spirit, with your knowledge and with your kindness and understanding. There is no need to hold back. In your business, you are a partner to your clients and they should be treated as such.

Remember that the carefree feeling of summer can extend to how you approach your franchise. And remember, carefree does not mean careless. Instead, present yourself with the same ease of summertime that you do when you’re off the clock. This will make connections happen more organically and you’ll be adding clients in no time.