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Practicing the power of positivity in your business

Who knew the impact of positivity on our everyday lives? This post explains why it's important for you to implement.

Our CEO, Brian Hazelgren, recently wrote a book called Positive People Make Things Happen. He wrong this book knowing that there is a lot of negativity in our world today and feeling like he had something to offer in the way of thinking positivity as a way to improve your everyday life.

It works in business too, whether you’re running an accounting office or a medical practice, and whether you deal in spreadsheets or see patients. Positivity affects your mood, your relationship, and your general outlook on life, plus more. Let’s talk about how being positive can bring about a change in your life.

If you’re a medical doctor, remaining positive in your interactions with patients will have a lasting impression. Positivity equates to confidence in the majority of people so not only will you naturally make your patients feel more welcome to your practice, but you also help them to feel more in control and secure in their health journey with you at the helm. This naturally leads to a couple of things:

  • More revenue for your business. That’s right — as patients feel comfortable in your presence, they’ll share their experiences with friends and family in search of a doctor for their needs. Word of mouth goes a long way and the increase in the number of patients will come.
  • An increase in job satisfaction. Your interactions with patients and your office staff will improve and less can negatively affect you if you have a positive mindset.

If you are an executive at a company, positivity in your everyday interactions with staff will change the productivity and creativity of your place of business. Employees work harder and are happier in their jobs which leads to lower turnover and fewer funds used for rehiring.

If you are in charge of a senior care facility, your positivity can directly impact the attitudes of your live-in seniors. It makes a difference in their socialization efforts and in their openness to taking their medicine and eating their meals if they are surrounded by positive people who show genuine care in their wellbeing.

Try out turning negative thoughts into positive ones, in living your life with a more positive note and see if you can’t notice the difference.