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The many benefits of corporate wellness programs

Wellness programs, studies show, are proven vehicles to produce healthier employees who are less likely to file medical or disability claims, saving an employer money. More that that, they often boost productivity and reduce stress which leads to less sick leave and turnover.

Prevention and intervention are such key components in maintaining health, and they are also indispensable strategies for mitigating healthcare costs. As such, corporate wellness programs have taken on increased value over the years with more and more proof that they are sound mechanisms for saving money for both the employee and employer.

Broken down, let’s examine the main benefits of a wellness program.

Reduce sick leave and improve morale. Nurturing happiness among employees can pay dividends on multiple fronts. In general, an employee who enjoys exercise time with a co-worker will make time to do it, cutting down on costly sick days. Happy employees tend to remain in their positions longer, reducing turnover costs as well. Over time, wellness programs have a direct correlation to increased production since healthier, more energetic employees also benefit from better concentration.

Cut down on claims and overall healthcare costs. Since wellness programs have proven to produce healthier, more engaged employees, that dynamic can reduce an employer’s up-front premiums for healthcare coverage. It stands to reason that employees who take a proactive approach to their health and fitness will tend to file fewer health insurance claims or disability claims, which represents a significant annual savings.

Minimize acute and chronic health conditions. Most wellness programs go beyond a focus on medical help to offer nutritional advice and exercise regimens designed to reduce stress. The result is fewer strokes, heart attacks and cases of diabetes, studies show. Long-term, a fitter staff also makes for fewer cases of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and other chronic conditions.

Across the board, whether measuring from a morale or financial metric, corporate wellness programs have proven to improve productivity and job satisfaction. For all parties, it quickly becomes a win-win. For more information on the RX2Live workplace wellness program, visit our website: http://www.rx2live.com/.