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Tools to take control of your health, at any age

Obesity and other health challenges often associated with older generations are gripping Millennials at an alarming rate. We have solutions!

At first glance, critics looking for explanations about the relative obesity of Millennials may blame smartphone addiction and a digital-native lifestyle that takes priority over physical activity. And that plays a significant role.

But could there be other factors — economic and psychological — contributing to the health challenges of this robust new generation? And are Millennials really that overweight compared to older Americans? The quick answers to both are “yes.”

A recent study revealed American adults who are 30 resemble the physical condition their parents and grandparents exhibited at age 45 — complete with a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Millennials are 20 percent more likely to be obese and one-third aged 16-27 already are.

Most live in urban areas riding public transportation or Uber. And most grew up with fast food as a staple, particularly if raised by a single parent, both for the cost and convenience. On the flip side, Millennials are smoking less than their predecessors.

Economic factors beyond their control can certainly be fingered for part of stress levels. The generation came of age as the impact of the Great Recession laid waste to their job opportunities. That forced many to move back home with their parents while carrying an average of $45,000 in student loan debt from both undergraduate and graduate school.

Even as the economy has rebounded, Millennials have less trust in traditional institutions and government and have justifiable stress about whether they will ever see Social Security in retirement. Still, as the most computer literate generation ever, Millennials can likely leverage the combination of their savvy and cynicism to turn things around before middle age.

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