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How to best welcome patients to your practice

Best practices to implement to make patients feel welcome to your practice? We have you covered with these tips.

You are in your practice with the best of intentions — to help those who need it and to positively affect lives. Same goes for us. When you partner with RX2Live, we have similar goals in mind and will work together to make sure they are realized.

If you want to make an impact, our best practices are easy to implement. It’ll be a natural progression in your business and you’ll notice the difference in the demeanor of your patients, staff, and, even, yourself!

Be positive.

The power of positivity is real. In case you haven’t heard, our CEO Brian Hazelgren wrote a book called Positive People Make Things Happen and it’s all about how (and why) to be positive in your business. Your mindset can bring about a wonderful change in your practice. Those who rely on you for something — your patients, your staff — can sense this improvement in your demeanor and it’s crazy how everything else follows suit.

Offer options.

When a patient comes to you feeling “off” or worried about something being wrong in their body, or just with general feelings of uneasiness that comes with visits to the doctor, offer the options for what ails them. With RX2Live programs and services, you’ll be able to offer so much more to your patient base and they’ll thank you for it. For example, knowing that you have access to fast diagnostic tests with reliable results will help your patients to feel secure in you as their provider.

Know your patients.

Taking the time to get to know new and established patients alike is tantamount to the success of your business. In fact, you can benefit greatly from a financial perspective if you see chronic care patients for 20 minutes, face-to-face or otherwise, through a Medicare CPT code reimbursement.

Sometimes as practitioners you just need a reminder of how best to connect with your patients, and make those new ones feel welcomed. But we can take some of that burden off of you by simply supplying the programs and services that will suit you and your patients’ needs. Let us know how we can help you!