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Heart-healthy foods can help keep your brain sharp, too

A careful diet with the right blend of healthy foods can be a powerful tool in reducing dementia risk. Read more in our latest blog:

The list of potential ailments as we age is daunting with dementia ranking near the top. Mild memory struggle ramping up to full-fledged Alzheimer’s is all too common as more Baby Boomers get older.

But what if there was a means to help keep those minds vibrant without medication? Turns out a careful diet with the right blend of healthy foods can be a powerful tool in reducing dementia risk. The key, more studies are showing, is for seniors to eat enough plant-based chemicals to keep blood vessels clear, battle free radicals and help stave off cognitive decline.

Many seniors are at elevated risk for the hardening of the arteries that can produce a series of micro-strokes that cause vascular dementia. Doctors have long focused on diet as a means to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and manage diabetes. More recently, medical experts have recognized that the same healthy diets that help reduce those heart risks may pull double duty by slowing the progression of the other type of dementia: Alzheimer’s.

For that reason, evidence is mounting that seniors can make major inroads toward keeping their brain and heart sharp by what they put on their plates. So what are the food basics to focus on? Think berries, beans, nuts, whole grains, green, leafy vegetables, fish and olive oil.

Eating berries alone, especially blueberries, has been shown to slow cognitive aging in women by 2.5 years on average. Berries are also proven to simultaneously fight off free radicals and cholesterol. Pretty good for a tasty treat.

Beyond that diet discipline, intermittent fasting may also prove to be a brain-boosting solution. The impact of brief fasts on brain cells — at least for seniors — has been equated to exercising. See, who says getting old is hard work? Especially with RX2Live’s Senior Wellness programs. Visit our website to learn more about us: http://www.rx2live.com/