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Individualize your health plan

Ready to get serious about a health plan? Forget the fad diets and fitness fixes and consider starting by looking inward through genetic blueprinting.

We are all hit with the constant barrage of media about health and fitness, which can be equally frustrating and confusing because much of it can be contradictory. Don’t like a certain diet trend? Not to fear — it will likely disappear in 9 months only to be replaced by something else. Lack the time to dedicate yourself to the newest fitness fad or fancy class at the gym? A new regimen with an even fancier name is around the corner.

As an industry, fitness has capitalized on society’s tendency to body shame, starting unfortunately at a tender age. There is no shortage of quick fix suggestions and miracle cures for stubborn layers of fat. None of that is new or perhaps surprising, but most of the so-called remedies leave plenty to be desired.

The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution that will work for all of us. Genetic composition combined with our unique health histories complicate how our bodies react to diet and exercise. Indeed, our bodies are truly unique and we should remember that when we consider a health and fitness plan.

At RX2Live, we have a solution that looks inward — specifically through genetic blueprinting — so that we can diagnose what your body will best respond to. You customize your wardrobe, streaming television channels, even your social media feed. Why should your health be any different?