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How Corporate America can change our collective health

See how the nation's vexing healthcare debates could be more proactively addressed through effective wellness programs across Corporate America.

Soaring prices, complicated insurance plans, prescriptions that are not covered, hidden costs for specialists and more has made healthcare in America something akin to a four-letter word. It has vexed government leaders and led to trepidation about basic treatments — sometimes forcing families to choose between a trip to the doctor and the supermarket.

But with 150 million people going to work everyday in corporate America, isn’t there an opportunity to shift the paradigm from making healthcare coverage reactive to making health and wellness proactive? In other words, businesses could better facilitate a healthy workforce by offering engaging incentives for people to change their daily health habits.

Prevention just sounds more positive. We all like the idea of free, preventive checkups for children so that parents can be at ease that their little loved ones are in optimal health. Establishing practices in the workplace that encourage active lifestyles, healthy eating and exercise can be a collective prescription for preventive care — ultimately reducing medical costs and improving a company’s productivity.

Too often, corporate wellness programs feel like an obligation employees are guilted into signing up for. Instead, making them the heart of a company’s culture can foster buy-in and participation, benefitting all parties involved.

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