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The challenge and opportunity of Chronic Care Management

Too many doctors fear costs and management of chronic care management is untenable but learn about our pioneering solution.

For doctors and medical practitioners looking to expand services to generate additional revenue, one roadblock repeatedly appears to stop the idea in its tracks: the fear of investing significant resources in staff or equipment for a venture that may not pay off.

But what if you knew there was a way to enhance both patient care and profits with little or no upfront costs? Such an opportunity exists — and can be typically deployed within weeks, not months — through our CMS-funded Chronic Care Management program.

After all, 70 percent of Medicare patients have at least two chronic conditions. That’s why CMS, in order to lower costs, started a chronic care management plan in 2015. But only 1.5 percent of eligible Medicare patient enrolled in the program since chronic care management is usually hard for doctors to establish and operate.

By contrast, the RX2Live chronic care program includes a 68 percent sign-up rate among eligible patients with no risk or upfront investment. Profits can be achieved within eight weeks with an average profit per patient per month to the doctor of $22.

What’s more, RX2Live delivers profitable and easy-to-use in-office screening. It only takes patients five minutes on average to complete a survey and two to three weeks to begin the program. It generates a $24 minimum profit to the doctor per survey.

Contact us anytime to learn more about how we have a real solution for Chronic Care Management.