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The benefits of implementing a Senior Wellness program at your practice

The RX2Live Senior Wellness program can help you grow your practice and help the community at-large.

As a smart, business-savvy medical professional, you’re always looking for unique ways to expand your practice and serve the community at-large. While chronic management care and workplace wellness programs are great ways to implement these efforts, one demographic of the population is often overlooked: seniors.

While you might think that adding geriatric care to your practice doesn’t make sense, The Population Reference Bureau reminds us that this population is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, by 2060, the number of Americans over the age of 65 is projected to double from 46 million today to over 98 million.

In addition, older adults are working longer than in the past. The same report found that by 2022, 27 percent of men and 20 percent of women over age 65 will still be participating in the workforce. While it’s great that Americans are living longer and staying healthy enough to work, this presents a unique opportunity for you to provide compassionate care that encourages cardiovascular function, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, intellectual stimulation and healthy eating.

The RX2Live Senior Wellness program provides you with the tools and information you need to implement this kind of care quickly and effectively at your practice. If you’d like to learn more about this unique opportunity, we invite you to visit us here: https://www.rx2live.com/. Following a thorough evaluation of your medical practice and current offerings, we’ll determine which aspects of our Senior Wellness program make the most sense for you and your patients.

Source: The Population Reference Bureau