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What you can do about senior wellness and rising healthcare costs

Senior wellness is at the forefront of healthcare costs due to the sheer volume of retirees coming onto the Medicare platform every day. Here is how you can have an important role.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimate that there are over 10,000 seniors retiring every day. Absorb this number for a moment.

That high figure means healthcare costs will probably rise; industry data shows that Medicare and Medicaid costs will more than double by 2020. Plus, the mindset around healthcare will likely shift because of this. Patients will be looking for value, care management and cost sharing, to name a few.

This tidal wave of emerging retirees leaves you, the practitioner, with the ability to make a big difference. By caring for our aging population, you may actually be able to benefit greatly.

Studies show that seniors tend to go to the emergency room for more simple illnesses that they can just see their primary care doctor for instead. These non-emergency illnesses and injuries include a urinary tract infection or a simple cold, and the reason that emergency room visits are appealing is because of the convenience of showing up without an appointment, even if there is a wait once you get there.

Keep your senior patients engaged with your practice by encouraging and educating them about their importance as a patient, how your office operates, and why they should visit you when they have a treatable ailment. By doing so, you’re not only making sure your patient is comfortable coming to you, you can also be eligible for Medicare reimbursement for treatment.

As we age, the incidence of chronic conditions increases. If your Medicare patient has two chronic conditions, you may use Chronic Care Managemend CPT code 99490 to receive reimbursement. This will also require that a clinician at your practice spends at least 20 minutes per month with the senior patient, either on the phone or in the office. There are other eligibility measures so we recommend evaluating if this will work for your practice.

An easy way to engage your aging patients is by incorporating RX2Live programs that fit their needs. Thermal imaging is a pain-free and drug-free process that helps identify underlying issues in the body. Supplements may aid in improving your patient’s quality of life. Even our weight loss program can help seniors shed pounds, which may help with other ailments they may be experiencing.

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