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The undeniable reasons why you should have a workplace wellness program

Besides the obvious of helping employees to live their best lives, there are other undeniable benefits to incorporating a workplace wellness program.

Workplace wellness programs have been proven to work, yet many businesses have not incorporated them. Why could this be? The reason may be that these programs are still relatively new and many employers aren’t quite sure what benefits they can expect.

If you’ve been wondering if a workplace wellness program is worth your time and effort, our answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and here’s why:

1. Workplace wellness programs will improve your bottom dollar.

Every company big or small has a budget. That budget includes so many line items to consider. If the cost of incorporating a workplace wellness program makes you think twice, think again, but instead think about the ROI in bringing in such a program for employees. Staff members who are chronically ill with costly illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer, can actually bring about the strongest shift in your wellness budget.

RX2Live’s workplace wellness program will encourage employees to get healthy, but more than that, can help incorporate disease-management tools into your workplace so these employees can get the care they need to manage their illness. In turn, insurance premiums are lowered. Get this: employees with high overall well-being have 41% lower health-related costs!

2. After the initial introduction, you can be largely hands-off.

This program is designed to get your workforce excited about health. It’s not a program that will make anyone feel forced to participate; instead, they will get excited about a fun, rewarding program that fosters teamwork and boosts morale. Because of the nature of this program, employees become champions for the program and pass along the word to their co-workers. Workplace wellness begins with you and continues by word of mouth, which is the strongest motivator that there is.

3. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

More than saving money on insurance premiums, you can also make more money due to a workplace productivity increase. A healthy employee is more likely to be engaged, creative, productive, willing to work in a team and complete projects on time. Engaged employees miss less work, are more loyal to the company and help make your company more competitive in the field.

Isn’t it amazing what you can expect from simply helping to make your workforce a healthy one? Getting started is easy. Contact us today to take step one.