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Why it makes sense to explore the senior wellness space

Too many health care professionals shy away from the senior wellness space, convinced it is neither cost effective nor designed to improve the quality of care. We think just the opposite.

We’ve all heard the freight-train-like flashing lights when it comes to retiring Baby Boomers. Numbers scream that more than 10,000 seniors are retiring daily and that the country’s 65-84 demographic will balloon by almost 40 percent by 2020. It has roiled the medical community and health care providers who remain unsure of how to cope with the sheer volume.

Still, an evolution in the understanding of senior wellness has led to opportunities for our aging loved ones. Fortunately the focus has turned from simply housing the infirm to guiding habits, behaviors and the lifestyles of seniors to enhance both the quality of life and the years they have left. Senior wellness programs now educate adults on the most practical ways to manage their activity levels and overall health for optimum results.

Some of the attention has rightly turned to home safety. That can mean adding grab bars in bathrooms or hallways and giving homes a comprehensive check to reduce fall risks. Like younger demographics, preventive care has taken on a more prominent role for seniors, who are more frequently encouraged to get flu shots and to have physicians ensure medications are properly administered.

Collectively, the efforts are designed to foster the strongest sense of independence for seniors, both physically and mentally, for as long as possible. At RX2Live, we have pioneered a senior wellness solution that can enhance this part of any private practice. That includes so-called tele-medicine, where nearly 400 doctors are on call to assist seniors 24/7, every day of the year.

Don’t be afraid of that freight train — jump aboard!