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Challenging to lose weight during the fall

Fall is a time for snuggling by the fire, wearing baggy sweaters and enjoying holiday treats. All of that is hardly conducive to losing weight. But by keeping in mind some tried and true dieting principles, you can overcome the seasonal temptations and look great year round.

It is indeed difficult to lose weight in the fall. Baggy clothes, holiday treats and all those spiced seasonal drinks are exhibit A. And no, you’re not imagining it, plenty of people have trouble shedding the pounds this time of year and keeping them off. But fear not, we’ve identified the reasons why and the ways you can overcome them.

Baggy sweaters, pants and jackets hide plenty. This has always been true, and it’s a challenge. Maybe you actually look forward to the cooler temperatures so you can break out the baggier clothing. Instead, try to keep some summer staples in the forefront of your closet as a reminder. Better yet, wear that bathing suit or some shorts, perhaps underneath the baggy clothing, as a reminder of where you want your body to be.

Holidays seemingly never end. From Halloween to Christmas, we are inundated with tempting foods and sweets each year. In fact, the supplies are so big they never seem to run out — and that’s a problem. This year, be prepared by having some kind of system to ration your sugary favorites. In addition, make a pledge not to indulge in leftovers.

Fall ads push comfort wear and fatty foods. Marketers are good at their job. This time of year, the endless reminders to have a beach body have given way to snuggling by the fire with hot chocolate and dessert. It’s hardly fair. The trick is not to fall for the advertising. Instead, stick to tried and true diet staples that work year round. Sure, you can swap in a few indulgences, but do it in moderation.

Following these steps can go a long way toward feeling healthy once the snow flies, and even better, once it melts. Need a more disciplined approach, RX2Live has weight loss services that are custom to every body type.