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4 fun ideas to get your team into workplace wellness

Making workplace wellness fun is the key to its effectiveness. Here are some ideas to get started.

It’s no secret that you get the most out of your employees when they are happy in the workplace. But what about their personal happiness? Personal happiness is just as likely to affect performance. Your employee may feel stressed about their eating habits, have low confidence because of the nagging weight they are having a hard time shedding, or any number of personal issues they may be going through.

This is why having a workplace wellness program in place is so important. They are tied to greater productivity, creativity and teamwork. Employees who become passionate about wellness are more loyal to the company and are active participants in any project or meeting.

If you don’t quite know where to begin, here are some ideas you can try out:

1. Fitness challenges. Everyone has somewhat of a competitive streak and tapping into that with fitness challenges will get everyone moving. With the start of each new challenge, change up what the goal is to make it even more fun.

2. Create an office cookbook. Ask your workforce to contribute their healthy recipes and compile all entries into an office cookbook that‘ll encourage healthy eating habits.

3. Organize a Field Day Friday. Remember those Friday recess sessions in grade school? Fun Fridays were on the weekly agenda for every child and it’s one of those memories that bring a flood of nostalgia. Tap into that by creating something of your own on company property. You can have yard games, grilling, a mixer, or any other activity that you know employees will love.

4. Form creativity spaces. Any employee can benefit from getting creative. This can be something as simple as adult coloring books, sewing, a small library, or a handful of board games. Their mental health is just as important as the physical.

Your workforce is your greatest asset and their health and wellness (and their happiness!) should be priority. How can you make a difference in their lives? Contact us to learn more about our program.