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How to engage your patients while increasing revenue

By engaging your patients, you can expect a better relationship with them, more referrals and increased revenue. Here are some reminders on how to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Studies are clear: the more engaged your patient base is with you and your practice, the more likely they are to visit when they are in need of medical services. Going to the doctor isn’t just a cut and dry appointment for many; the majority of individuals want to feel comfortable with their provider. Without that, they may very well skip their annual physicals or even go elsewhere for services.

The aging patient population is especially in need of extra attention when it comes to health-related issues and the more comfortable they feel with their provider, the better it is for the patient and for the practitioner.

Here are some reminders of how you can make sure you are engaging your patient base, plus what you can expect when you do.

First, be sure to listen to any concerns. We know that running your own practice can sometimes mean having to move quickly from one patient to the next, however, taking the time to sit down and listen to how a patient is feeling will make a huge difference. And sometimes, simply listening isn’t enough; active listening goes one step further in making sure your patient knows that you are there for them, are hearing exactly what they are saying, understand their concerns, and want to find a solution for them.

Also, make sure to ask questions. Although a patient concern may seem cut and dry, asking questions, or repeating back and confirming what they just finished telling you, will let the patient know that you are engaged in the conversation. This simple act can actually ensure someone that you truly do care.

Offering services that a patient may need also helps! If a patient comes to your offices with an illness or injury, you can now offer any of the RX2Live programs we have implemented in your practice. Many of these services, such as thermal imaging and DNA testing, are pain-free and will provide the patient with results quickly.

When you take these steps to engage your patient, you can expect them to think of your offices first before going to urgent care or the emergency room. You can also expect increased word-of-mouth referrals, which is one of the strongest marketing tools there is. We know your patients mean a lot to you; you’ll want to make sure they know it too.