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Making sure supplements are scientific

Confusion reigns in the supplements market, perhaps by manufacturers' design. But as a medical professional, you have an opportunity through genetic blueprinting to make the right supplements recommendations.

As a medical practitioner, do you shy away from the supplements side of the industry because you are nervous about making the wrong recommendation? You can be forgiven for the confusion.

Drug companies have flooded the market over the last decade with enough supplements to make your head spin. Many are derivatives of something else — compounding the confusion — and most make unreasonable promises. Chances are, your patients have expressed similar confusion and frustration when it comes to selecting the proper product for their health.

Unfortunately, the money to be made in these markets has fueled the glut of supplements — and that trend shows no signs of slowing. It can be a cynical game since manufacturers can claim immunity from criticism by deflecting blame for a failed product, promising instead that the nicer, newer version of the supplement will indeed work.

And it’s tempting for consumers to fall into this trap. After all, they are not worried about loyalty to certain supplement brands or names as much as they are interested in curing chronic ailments.

Would it interest you to know that our program that promotes genetic blueprinting is designed, in part, on helping medical professionals recommend the right supplements? By looking into an individual patient’s genetics, you are better equipped to understand how they are wired and what may need fixing. You wouldn’t go into surgery without extensive medical training, so why prescribe supplements without first examining the problem you’re trying to cure?

Don’t choose supplements like a consumer picking off a shelf. Discover the benefits, both physical and financial, of genetic blueprinting.