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The benefits of our diagnostic lab services

As a clinician, you know the importance of diagnostic laboratory testing. We specialize in helping practitioners help their patients get on the road to recovery quickly.

One of the benefits we offer employers and physicians is comprehensive and diagnostic laboratory testing through our established partner network. It’s through this service that our customers are able to provide personalized medicine to patients and lead the patient on the path to optimal health.

We know you can partner with any testing service, but here are just a couple of reasons we hope to earn your trust.

Our tests help detect early illness while providing an accurate diagnosis you can feel confident in relaying to the patient. In this way, you may manage and prevent the progression of a patient’s disease or condition.

Our laboratory services also help you to develop personalized treatment strategies for your patients so they can feel good about improving their health and wellness, especially as we approach the new year when resolutions are made.

Just some of the tests our partners provide include:

Blood Wellness Panels
These are testing screens that give every opportunity for red flags to be raised, noticed and addressed. This panel looks at everything from nutrient imbalances to any toxic overload that may be present, allowing you as the clinician to evaluate the body as a whole to see if a patient’s health is being compromised in any way.

With the overuse of medication on the rise, you may not be aware of how a patient is handling their medications, prescription or otherwise, and you may be hesitant to prescribe yet another medication without first being aware of what’s in their body. Our medication monitoring results will let you know whether a patient is taking their prescribed medication, or if other drugs (prescription or otherwise) are present in their system.

Pharmacogenetics (PGX)
Personalized DNA testing will look at how individuals respond to specific drugs. Instead of prescribing what has worked for another patient in the past, you can now dive into an individual’s DNA and predict which drugs, and the dosage, will be most effective for their care. Through this testing you may avoid adverse drug reactions, which is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Our specialty is to help clinicians with deciding on the right treatment for their patients. Through the delivery of timely, accurate and clinically actionable information, we are able to do just that.