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An easy workplace improvement to make for your employees

A workplace wellness program can reduce costs and also help your employees feel accomplished and empowered. Does your corporate strategy include a wellness program? See why it should.

It’s true that employees can make or break a company. Low-performing employees can negatively affect a business just as much as a high-performing employee can positively affect it. Wouldn’t it be great to only have these positive experiences and forward movements for your company?

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It could start with wellness programs in the workplace!

Even if you offer great health insurance benefits, likely what may have drawn your employee base to you in the first place, a wellness program is an added perk for your business. Do you have on in place for your employees?

Wellness programs can be a part of your overall corporate strategy, so you can retain top talent who are healthier, more motivated, feel confident and perform at their absolute best. They may even become health and wellness champions in the workplace through the empowerment they experience.

The most successful workplace wellness programs encourage wellness daily through small lifestyle habits. It’s also very important to work with your employees to develop this program. That way, it works best for them and their needs. A health and wellness program should also be fun, engaging and rewarding, and something that generates a feeling of accomplishment.

A workplace wellness program can reduce costs. In a comprehensive analysis, companies who implemented an effective wellness program experienced significant cost reductions and financial gains. These companies experienced a reduction in sick days and health costs, as well as workers’ compensation and disability management claims. Plus, the average savings-to-cost ratio was $5.93 to $1. Similarly, a 2015 Aflac Workforces Report also found that 44% of employers feel they can now offer lower health insurance premiums as a result of their wellness program. These figures were the same even for self-insured employers.

Bottom line: Improve your employees and improve your business. Are you ready to get started?

If you are a healthcare professional, your services may be offered to these companies that have implemented their wellness program, or are interested in doing so. You can also refer your patients and their companies to us. We take care of their wellness programs and you receive an ongoing benefit. Workplace wellness is one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare services today. We have the solution that can help the 150 million people going to work every day. One small step for your company’s success and one big leap for our nation’s health as a whole.