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3 RX2Live programs that’ll generate extra income

At RX2Live, we are in the business of providing solutions. Here are some solutions you can take advantage of that have proven to increase income.

At RX2Live, one of our goals is to help you increase the net income of your practice without adding staff or too much of a financial investment up front. This is all done while actually improving your processes and the quality of care you’re able to provide to your patients.

Here are just some of the programs you can implement into your practice that’ll double or triple the net income of your practice.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)
The number of patients who qualify for Medicare is on the rise. Some reports estimate that more than 50 million Americans fit into this group. This is the group that benefits the most from our CCM program. Medical practices are eligible to receive $20 per patients, per month reimbursement from this program for each eligible Medicare patient. Through our exclusive program and support system of case managers, your practice can provide this program to patients, and bring in additional income.

DNA testing
Our DNA testing program is perfect for those who need more guidance on what actions will be best for their body so they can be at their healthiest. It’s simple: we provide the testing kit and patients can take their own sample at their convenience. Our lab does a full sequence analysis of the DNA and provides a Customized Wellness Plan consisting of:

  • The types of exercises that are optimal
  • Information on macronutrient breakdown and how to adjust food intake to optimal levels
  • Recommended supplements

Nutritional supplements
The nutritional supplements recommended in the genetic analysis can be kept in inventory right in your office so patients can purchase them directly from you. We also offer an auto-ship program that’ll leave details out of your hands, but you’ll still benefit with a monthly residual check on the subscription revenue. Our supplements are composed of high-quality ingredients you can feel good about recommending to your patients.

Are you ready to get started on providing your patients with the tools that will help them live their healthiest lives, all while generating the income you’ve been looking for? Contact us today to see how we can assist you in meeting both your goals and your patients’ goals.