Weight Loss


Our Weight Management is Custom Fit for Every Body

When it comes to dieting and weight management, one size does NOT fit all. Not everybody responds to the same diets in the same way. Why? Because our bodies respond to food, exercise and nutrition based on our individual genetic makeup. Why does one body metabolize carbohydrates faster than another? Why is the recovery time for exercise different in one person versus another? The answers lie in the Genetic Blueprint.

Diet, nutrition and exercise are all correlated and genetic testing can map out a unique and effective path for each person to lose weight and keep it off. With Genetic Blueprint testing, RX2Live can determine the patient’s propensity for losing weight based on the body’s fat sensitivity, insulin resistance and glucose balance.

The Most Effective, Safe, Rapid, Natural Weight Loss System Ever Developed You have never seen a diet program like this before. Patients can drop up to a pound of fat a day safely, naturally and with no harmful side effects. The diet is one of the easiest to follow and least expensive ever created.

RX2Live takes seriously the process of weight control and measures essential indicators such as:
• Body fat percentage
• Lean body mass
• Visceral fat
• Resting metabolic rate and other indicators of healthy weight loss and vitality

These indicators are measured before, during and after the weight loss program. In almost every case, body fat percentage is decreased, lean body mass stays the same or increases and visceral fat decreases.

Finally there is a healthy weight loss program that actually works that doctors can feel good about recommending to their patients. This program has been used successfully for 9 years with over 100,000 patients with no adverse side effects. Any health professional can recommend the RX2Live program to their patient or add it as a service from their office and generate excellent ongoing cash flow from the service. Some portion of weight loss fees can even be adjudicated.

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