Before adding services to any medical professionals practice, professionals should seek answers to the following questions:

  • What is the initial investment and what is the return?
  • Time invested to research the services and understand how it will apply to their practice?
  • How much extra time is needed to contribute to the new service?
  • Will additional staff or more resources be needed for the service?
  • How quickly will I receive a return?
  • What amounts of income can I expect to add to my practice for the service?
  • Will it improve the life and quality of healthcare of the patient?
  • Is it proven and does it have a track record?
  • Is it compliant and sustainable? Is it in keeping and complimentary to current trends in healthcare regulations and guidelines?
  • Is the company backing and supporting the service solid?

The Top 6 Methods and Systems Doctors are Using to Double or Triple the Net Income of Their Practice Without Adding New Patients, Without Adding Staff, and with Little or No Additional Investment…

These are the 6 methods and there are others we can share with you!

Doctors and other healthcare professionals have been seeing the income of their practices diminish while their workload with patients continues to increase. With the changes in insurance reimbursements, consumer’s income, Medicare limitations, fee collections and more- it is increasingly difficult to cover all the overhead to generate the standard of living a dedicated healthcare professional expects and deserves.

Some professionals are trying to overcome these conditions that continue to get worse, by adding new patients and expanding their practices but are still not getting ahead. They are working longer hours but not seeing the extra benefits which adds stress and pressure further adversely affecting their personal life. Increasingly physicians are becoming “employed” by the medical groups and hospitals just to make ends meet… and are losing their autonomy and freedom to practice medicine.

Clearly, it’s not getting any better for most healthcare professionals. Even the best run and most profitable practices have been feeling the pinch and it won’t be long until they must make changes as well to keep up.

Many healthcare professionals have seen the proverbial writing on the wall and have been trying to expand into other services. For example, many doctors have acquired expensive laser equipment with close to a six-figure investment to do cosmetic and other procedures in their offices to try to increase income. They start out well and have some success but soon lose momentum as their patients receive the service and there is little repeat business. The laser equipment becomes an office fixture to gather dust. Other doctors who have purchased this equipment have quickly seen it become obsolete because of new technology.

Some doctors have introduced new weight loss medication systems only to see them cause significant side effects and not really work for some patients. In some cases, the whole system has been taken off the market. Other doctors have been trained on the latest programs to help patients overcome addictions. The significant up-front investment in time and money did not always give doctors a positive rate of return.

1 – Medicare support system. In January of 2015 our government introduced a new program for doctors to better control Medicare expenses. Over 40,000,000 adult Americans are eligible for Medicare and there are only 515,000 who are currently on this new program. The challenge has been that doctors must spend a lot of time and effort to implement this program. Until now! RX2Live has developed this new program that healthcare professionals can easily implement with no additional staff members and no up-front investment. The benefits are tremendous and every American eligible for Medicare should be on it. The government saves funding because the program can be implemented in doctor’s offices. Doctors make more money and the patient receives better attention and care. Doctors can be eligible to receive up to $20 per month reimbursement from this program per patient. Some doctor’s offices already have over 1,000 patients listed with our program. With our exclusive software program and our system supporting each patient, doctors on our program will not have to add any additional staff. It is essential for doctors to act quickly because the first doctor to enroll the patient on the program gets the credit. When RX2Live helps doctors convert only 500 patients to this program, that’s an additional $10,000 to the bottom line for the practice. With 1,200 that’s an additional $24,000! The upside is huge. You can easily see why doctors are rushing to add this program for their patients.

2 – Thermal Imaging. Thermography will soon play a major role in personal preventative health care. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and so is the awareness for preventative health care for individuals looking to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life style. Utilizing proprietary software, highly specialized training, and the most advanced thermal imaging camera, we are bridging the gap between dental and medical services for patients.

We have a team based model focused on three components:
1. Clinical Expertise
2. Professional Training
3. Motivation & support

3 – The RX2Live Weight Loss System- is the most effective, safe, rapid, natural weight loss system ever developed. Patients on this program can drop up to a pound of fat a day safely, naturally and with no harmful side effects. The diet is one of the easiest to follow and least expensive ever created. Because it gets quick results and continues to work to keep weight off, it is easier to stay motivated and stay on track.

RX2Live takes seriously the process of weight control and measures essential indicators such as:
• Body fat percentage
• Lean body mass
• Visceral fat
• Resting metabolic rate and other indicators of healthy weight loss and vitality

By properly measuring these and other important indicators that accelerate healthy weight loss, the RX2Live weight loss system has improved the health and vitality of countless individuals. These indicators are measured before, during and after the weight loss program. In almost every case, body fat percentage is decreased, lean body mass stays the same or increases and visceral fat decreases. The science behind the weight loss program is the result or outcome of its efficacy.

Many health professionals are recommending to their patients to lose weight but have no system or program to recommend. Obesity is a serious illness that can be stopped along with many other related illnesses with a scientifically proven program like the RX2Live system. This program has been running successfully for 9 years with over 100,000 patients and no adverse side effects. It uses a combination of whole and natural foods, certified supplements and exercises for proper mindset to implement new habits and keep the weight off. This is the safest and most efficient way to lose weight… the way it is supposed to happen. Any health professional can recommend the RX2Live program to their patient or add it as a service from their office and generate excellent ongoing cash flow. It really works!… and everyone wins. Some portion of weight loss fees can even be adjudicated.

4 – DNA Testing. Our latest program involves a simple DNA test which allows the patient to collect their own DNA sample and submit it to RX2Live to process. We do a full sequence analysis of the DNA which is the most detailed and most accurate test yet. There are different types of tests:

• Optimal – Tests the fitness and nutritional genes of the patient
• APoE – Tests for genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s and dementia
• New tests available soon: Gluten tolerance, Lactose tolerance and addiction susceptibility and recover programs for specific DNA

The Optimal DNA test gives the patient valuable information on precisely what the best type of exercise is for their DNA type. It tells them the right combination of macronutrients to consume as well as a precise meal plan including portion size to lose weight or to improve or maintain their health for their DNA. It then prescribes the right supplements, not vitamins, but additional power-packed nutritional supplements to help support the program.

5 – Nutritional Supplements. Once doctors receive the results of the DNA test they can accurately and with confidence prescribe nutritional supplements that will benefit their patients the most. Over 10,000 patients’ results have been tested so far. More than 70% of them order the supplements to
best fit their DNA and continue to use them month after month. Our program handles all the supplements and ships them directly to the patient for the doctors who receive a monthly residual check on the subscription revenue. This is breakthrough stuff that gives the patient a roadmap of how to take care of their individual body based on their own DNA!

All RX2Live supplements are provided through Activ-Vitality. They use only the highest quality ingredients designed to be absorbed into our systems quickly and effectively. These supplements are not just everyday brands you can buy at the store. They are proprietary and are only administered by professionals.
Activ-Vitality supplements are manufactured with only the highest quality standards. Uncompromising operational practices at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities surpass GMP standards and manufacturing regulations.

6 – Pharmacogenetics (PGX). Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variation that determines how individuals respond to specific drugs. It is a very useful tool in predicting which drugs will be most effective in various patients from every background, age and ethnicity. This test allows physicians to determine the correct drug and dosage for the patient to avoid adverse drug reactions which is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. PGX testing provides evidence-based, actionable data that creates a personalized perspective for clinicians.