The Challenge

Many chiropractors are experiencing stagnant or declining incomes while workload with patients continues to increase. With the changes in insurance reimbursements, consumer’s income, fee collections and more- it is increasingly difficult to cover all the overhead to generate the standard of living a dedicated chiropractor expects and deserves.

Some chiropractors are trying to counteract declining incomes by adding new patients and expanding their practices but are still not keeping up. They are working longer hours but are not seeing the extra benefits which adds stress and pressure negatively affecting their personal life.

Clearly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for chiropractors to maintain profitability. Even the best run and most profitable practices have been feeling the pinch and it won’t be long until they must make changes as well to keep up.

The Solution

Where there is challenge, there is opportunity. Thanks to RX2Live there is a solution to the challenge chiropractors are facing today. Our program is helping chiropractors go from surviving to thriving. We have identified the top 5 methods chiropractors can implement right now to double or triple the net income of their practice without adding new patients, without adding staff and with little or no additional investment- All while improving the quality of care to the patient.

Here are the 5 top programs for chiropractors and their patients.

1- DNA Testing. Our DNA testing program is revolutionizing the way health care professionals are evaluating and prescribing care for their patients. We provide the testing kit and patients can take their own sample with a cotton swab in your office or at home. Our lab does a full sequence analysis of the DNA and returns a report prescribing specific actions the patient needs to take in the areas of:
a. Exercise
b. Diet
c. Supplements

The patient will know exactly what type and how often to exercise, what kind of foods to consume and proper proportions as well as what additional nutrients the patient needs all based on their DNA composition.

2- Nutritional Supplements. Once chiropractors receive the results of the DNA test they can accurately and with confidence prescribe nutritional supplements that will benefit their patients the most.

Our program handles all packing and shipping of supplements directly to the patient and the chiropractor receives a monthly residual check on the subscription revenue. This is breakthrough information that gives the patient a roadmap of how to take care of their individual body based on their own DNA!

All RX2Live supplements are provided through Activ-Vitality. They use only the highest quality ingredients designed to be absorbed into our systems quickly and effectively. These supplements are not just everyday brands you can buy at the store. They are proprietary and are only administered by professionals.

3- The RX2Live Weight Loss System- This program is the most effective, safe, rapid, natural weight loss system ever developed. Patients on this program can drop up to a pound of fat a day safely, naturally and with no harmful side effects. The diet is one of the easiest to follow and least expensive ever created. Because it gets quick results and keeps weight off, it is easier for patients to stay motivated and stay on track.

Many chiropractors are recommending patients lose weight but have no system or program to prescribe. Obesity is a serious illness that can be stopped along with many other related illnesses with a scientifically proven program like the RX2Live system. This program has been running successfully for 9 years with over 100,000 patients with no adverse side effects. It uses a combination of whole and natural foods, certified supplements and exercises for proper mindset to implement new habits and keep the weight off. This is the safest and most efficient way to lose weight… the way it is supposed to happen.

4- Thermal Imaging. Thermography will soon play a major role in personal preventative health care. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and so is the awareness for preventative health care for individuals looking to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life style. Thermography helps chiropractors detect disease and injury by revealing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Using this technology chiropractors assess pain and pathology anywhere on the body. It is 100% safe and painless to the patient. Utilizing proprietary software, highly specialized training, and the most advanced thermal imaging camera, we are bridging the gap between dental and medical services for patients.

5- Chronic Care Management (CCM). RX2Live has developed the CCM program for healthcare professionals to easily implement with no additional staff members and no up-front investment. The benefits are tremendous and every American eligible for Medicare should be on it. The bottom line is, chiropractors make more money and patients receive better attention and care. Chiropractors are eligible to receive up to $20 per month reimbursement from this program per patient. Our exclusive software program and support system allows chiropractors to provide this lucrative service without adding any additional staff. However, It is essential to act quickly because the first healthcare professional to enroll the patient on the program gets the credit. When RX2Live helps, chiropractors convert only 500 patients to this program, that’s an additional $10,000 to the bottom line for the practice.